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Supernova Seminars are master classes for leaders & seekers.  Through our classes, we offer empowering, practical information & tools to bust through old blocks.  Why? Because you came here to create something strong & beautiful in your life and perhaps also through your work. Supernova Seminars are turbo-charge energy upgrades that help you to rewrite your narrative & rewire your perceptions to accomplish your dreams.  Our programs are crafted to up-level those who want to operate their lives and their businesses grounded in the 5D environment.

Our first class entitled “Rock Your Sovereigntyis on!

Ready to unleash your biggest dreams? Desire greater insights to clear blocks? Seek to embody healthy, vibrant energy to craft the life you came here for?

This workshop provides useful tools and deep Akashic clearing. We’ll explore outdated soul aspects, and offer powerful energy clearing.

Join us to gain crystal clarity & heal your deepest wounds….to supercharge your Soul Manifestation Mastery.

Supernova Seminars empower you to Rock Your Sovereignty!
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“Rock Your Sovereignty”

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
Monday, January 13

5808 S Rapp St,
Suite 275
Littleton, CO 80120

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Supernova Seminars: Our Mission

“You are being called to be my voice to clear and thereby break the chains that have held some of my children so that they are not able to open and radiate their light fully. We will be doing the work of breaking through thousands and thousands of years of enslavement, a preconception, a framework of how we see the world, of busting through that so that the light may gloriously shatter that, and shine into this world, into this time, into this place into the continuum.” –The Universal Mother

About Us

Tami Jorden

Tami Jorden is the creator of “Your Crystalline Brilliance” classes. She is also a Co-founder of Legacy 22, a women’s group that inspires & educates in the Denver area. Tami is an Angelic, an avid tarot enthusiast & a passionate advocate for sick children and their families.

Suzanne Rainey

Suzanne Rainey is an energy healer through the Order of the Magdalene, and a spiritual coach and teacher. She leads clients’ deep healing through the Akashic Records, and she brings in powerful light body activations. She teaches Reiki and other powerful tools for use in the home and personal spiritual practices. Suzanne operates her spiritual business in the DTC and remotely, and works with parents, business leaders, healers, coaches, seekers, & intuitives. She runs an empowering Soul Embodiment & Intuition program through which she guides clients to embrace and hone their own inner wisdom as they awaken their rememberings, soul strengths, communication with guides, and healing skills. Through Supernova Seminars, Suzanne empowers other leaders to step into their magical being and inherent, true nature.

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